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Made by Formula


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I’m incredibly proud to announce my new freelance persona, Made by Formula. It launches in tandem with this—my portfolio site—which will focus on my continued projects across my professional career.

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Made by Formula (M×F) is something that sounds standard and formulaic—this is an assumption that I wish to dispel—something that my portfolio should support.

The juxtaposition between my consistent and tested processes against the varied outputs are testament to the solutions being crafted for each brief. I focus on branding and campaign design with brand extension pieces such as brochures and animations.

You may recognise much of the site structure (got to love that economy of build) but this because I still wanted it to feel connected to ‘Sum’ in some way. They are two sides to the same coin and moving forwards the aim is for transparency between both personas.

My full-time position as Ahoy’s Creative Director occupies the majority of my working life, although over recent years small jobs and relationships have grown outside of my ‘9–5’. In order to practice what I preach, I’ve finally given this the branded approach it requires.

To find out more, or if you have an exciting project to discuss, please visit Made by Formula.